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    I had DTV do an upgrade to my dtv system. I have added the hr34, which required a conversion to swm.

    I have two dishes installed each going to dual zinwell 616 multiswitches for a total of 4

    Basically, my 4 cables in from each dish, goto first a ground, and then to ATRAS AHFS-2ds splitters and then connecting to the zinwell616 ms.

    One of the dishes had two zinwell 616 multiswitches connecting to a number of hr20, hr21, & hr22 dvrs. The zinwell multiswitches are located in different parts of my home as the one is located in a small network closet in an addition we added on about 2 years ago.

    This setup, was changed by DTV installers. They removed one of the zinwell multiswitches, and also removed the 4 before mentioned splitters. Then then connected the dish directly to the new swm-16. They then connected the other zinwell 616 into the 4 legacy out ports on the swm-16.

    They also connected two 1-8 splitters to the smw1 and swm2 out ports on the swm-16.

    My two receivers that are connected via swm are working ok.

    However, my 4 receivers that are connected via the zinwell are having problems.

    First they were all getting messges that the receivers had not connected to dtv successfully in XX hours. They were still receiving video, but the other message kept showing up. Also, when I checked signal strength, there was zero signal strength on any of the dvrs.

    I then went to one of the dvrs, and first reconnected the network. That did work successfully.

    Next, I then on 3 of the dvrs, told them to repeat satelitte setup.

    This then caused all of them to no longer work.

    What I am really wondering is should I instead take my 4 inputs from the satelitte, and split that using the AFHS-2DS splitters that I have. Then run 4 lines to the swm-16 and 4 other lines to the zinwell616? Or do I need to use a different type of splitter to split the signal?

    Or is there something else I should have done to get the signal out properly from the swm-16 legacy ports?

    Also, are there any compatibility issues with any of the hr20, hr21 or hr22 dvrs? Do any of them require additional equipment to connect to the swm-16?

    Thanks to all for their input/assistance!

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    While that routing should work, we think splitting before the SWM16 is better than using legacy ports.

    But why not just get another SWM16 and our E2?
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      Would the splitters I have already work ok.

      What is the E2 from your store?

      Also, will I have any issues using swm with the hr20 hr21 models?
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        There is a good bit of signal loss when using splitters. The E2 is a better solution, see:

        The E2 is a chassis that holds two SWMs.

        The SWM works fine with the HR20 and HR21.


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          Was thinking about using the splitters, and then keeping the one side on the swm-16 and the other side of the house on the zinwell 616 rather than splitting into two swm units.


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            You can do that, but, as Jeff noted, you'll certainly experience more signal loss that way. Hard to say if it'll be a problem, and we do have amps. If it's not time-critical, you can try the splitter approach and see if it works and then go from there.
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