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  • Swm 51-750

    Only one(1) tv is not working out of four(4).
    Everything working for years.

    Running setup test shows SWM not detected error code 51-750.

    Went to main tv with SWM unplugged from wall.
    All other two(2) TV's went to 771.

    unplugged those 771 from wall outlet.

    Went back to main, plugged in SWM to wall outlet, unit restarted with green light.

    Went back to one(1) tv plugged back into wall, turned on, and it started - OK

    Second tv(the problem one) plugged back into wall outlet, turned on - AGAIN 771

    DirectTV came, said need to rewire home......


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    Try connecting that receiver to the SWM splitter with just a short jumper cable - so move the receiver near the splitter. If you don't get the error, the problem is your wiring.
    Been here a long time . . .


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      So, how can the wiring go bad and yet other TV's still working?
      They all use the same manufacture.


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        Maybe someone drilled a hole in one wall and cut the cable? A squirrel bit into it somewhere? Your house shifted ever so slightly and ripped a connector? Happens all the time.
        Been here a long time . . .