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H25 and 775 error

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  • H25 and 775 error

    quick overview of my current situation. have a direct business account. moved out of the leased building we were in and are in the process of purchasing new building. its going to be a minimum of a few months before we are ready to move in. i have pulled the h25-100 receivers from the old location. didnt take anything else. i figured i would use my service at another business location while im waiting since im paying for it. at the other location i have a slimline dish with an s3 swn lnb. one cable out of the lnb into location. that goes to a green labeled dist block. i do not see any swm inline anywhere. im assuming there was a swm since there is a swm specific lnb as well as a green label dist block. what im confused about is the one line coming off the lnb. i thought there would be multiple lines coming off the lnb to the smw.

    i hooked up the active h25 and i got a 775 error. im good on seeing the lnb, but its not detecting a smn so i cant finish setup.

    that being said, direct isnt wanting to let me use the service at the new location because it is not a commercial location per their standards. in my county everything outside of city limits is no zoning. my commercial location is a larger building previously used for an internet based company with some walk in traffic.

    do i need to purchase a swm as well as the power inverter or can i get the receivers up and running without either?

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    A SWM LNB has only one line coming from it. So that part sounds right.

    Do you have a PI-21 power inserter powering the LNB? If not, that's what you need.
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      i do not. will i not need something like a swm8? thats whats confusing me. all the wiring diagrams i see show something like the swm8 having multiple lines going into it. if i dont ill grab a pi-21. it will be worth it versus paying for a service and not being able to use it.


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        That should work - or we have a slightly more powerful one here:
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