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  • Help with Old HD

    I had to replace my Ultimate TV Receiver with one that has a small HD. I purchased a large HD some time ago from Weaknees and tried to put it in my newly purchased UTV Receiver. When I did, the green, red and yellow lights started to flash. Is there something I can do to get the HD to work in this unit?

    Weaknees reply: Sorry, but no. Assuming your replacement UTV is fully-functional, then the drive you have has to be reprogrammed.

    Ticket ID: BAL-479560

    Now I need to know how to get the HD reprogrammed. DO I have to send it to Weaknees or can I do it myself? I would rather not purchase another HD from Weaknees for $200.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm very confused by this post. Are you looking for support from non-weaKnees employees to get your drive programmed? If yes, that's fine...but I think you'll have a lot of trouble getting your drive programmed on your own. If no, then why are you posting your email ticket ID? Maybe it would be easier to continue with the email exchange you've started??