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To buy 'raw' HD or pre-'loaded' HD?

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  • To buy 'raw' HD or pre-'loaded' HD?

    I have 3 Tivos - 1 is a T800 and is showing signs of needing a drive replacement. It appears that that a raw DB35 HD can be had for about $100 less than it costs to buy a HD with all the SW on it. So, I am trying to weigh the value of the $100.
    Is there any advantage, other than time savings, to getting it from WK all set to go? If I do it myself, do I get less-perfection? SWAP file issues? Other partition issues? Appreciate any help offered...
    Thanks, cs

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    Not sure what size drive you're looking for, but formatting a drive is fairly complicated. In addition, if your T800 is failing, it may not have a perfect copy, so a new drive with that OS may exhibit similar problems.
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