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Bolt+ 3TB Drives no longer available?

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  • Bolt+ 3TB Drives no longer available?

    I have a Bolt+ 3TB.. a while back my drive died and I ordered one from weaKnees to replace it. It's been working perfectly until now. Once again I'm at the flashing lights of death. I came to look for a replacement, and can't find the 3TB on the site anymore?? Are they no longer available? I'd rather not downgrade to a 2TB drive if I don't have to. I looked on Amazon for the same model drive (WD Blue) that I received from weaKnees, and they don't exist. Even Western Digitals website now lists their Blue (2.5") drives as being "up to 2TB."

    Now what??? Is there another 3 TB (or larger) drive that I can buy somewhere else to replace it? I'd rather not go external if I don't have to.


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    Right - those drives just aren't made anymore and we ran out.

    We really think the best answer is our 3 TB external drive option. It's a much more reliable long-lasting drive:

    It also costs less than the internal 3 TB drive did.
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      I may have put this in the wrong category since it's not technically a capacity upgrade... Feel free to move it if there's a better place for it, I can't seem to delete the post.


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        Nope - this is the right place!
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