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Upgrade failed on 160 GB Western Digital Hard Drive

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  • Upgrade failed on 160 GB Western Digital Hard Drive

    I just purchased a 160 GB Western Digital hard drive and loaded the software onto it and it just hangs when I install it into my Tivo unit, even though I copied the most recent image from my existing hard drive onto it.

    The most recent hard drive I have been using is a Seagate 250 GB. Note that I had no problem restoring an image to the 250 GB Seagate. TIVO recognized itís size as 137 GB and anything beyond that is unused.

    So, there should have been no problem with the 160 GB WD Hard Drive. It too was shown to be 137 GB.

    Here is what I have: A Sony SVR2000 Series 1 standalone unit, utilizing 1-hard drive.

    I have the old Tiger Mfs Tools v 1.1 on floppy. My burning the CD did not work for me, so I use the floppy.

    My Tivo software version is 3.0 with a Lifetime subscription.

    Here is my setup on my computer:
    hda - Primary Master - c: drive of my computer
    hdb - cd-rw drive
    hdc - Secondary Master - I use this to copy most recent image onto my computer and then copy it back onto new hard drive
    hdd - unused

    I turn on my computer with the Tiger Mfs Tools floppy installed and wait for the # prompt.

    I back up the image onto my computer using these commands & then unmount the hard drive:
    mkdir /mnt/dos
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/dos
    mfsbackup -6so /mnt/dos/tivo.bak /dev/hdc
    umount -f -a -r
    cntrl-alt-del, then turn off my computer, remove the hard drive & put the new one in

    I then restore the most recent image onto the new hard drive using these commands:
    mkdir /mnt/dos
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/dos
    mfsrestore -s 127 -xzpi /mnt/dos/tivo.bak /dev/hdc

    When done, it says I have 147 hrs 816 MB uncompressed
    Restore done!
    It also says, adding pair /dev/hdc12-/dev/hdc13

    Then, I umount -f -a -r & cntrl-alt-del to exit.

    What I don't understand is why the new WD hard drive seems to hang in my Tivo. In the past when I also restored images to Maxtor hard drives, I had no problem. I also had no problem with the Seagate 250 GB.

    It is that the Western Digital is incompatible?

    I also noticed that my computer, after the restore was completed, said:

    adding pair /dev/hdc12-/dev/hdc13

    What does that mean?

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    Many new WD drives are really SATA drives with SATA/IDE converters built into the drive. Those drives will not work at all in your model TiVo.

    I'm pretty sure that's the problem.
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      Thank you for your reply, Mike.

      So, even though the box indicates it is PATA? It's internal configuration is SATA then? K.


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        You can post the model number here and we could tell you if it's possible; unfortunately, WD made a running change on their current drives, so we can't tell you with absolute certainty.

        We do have drives that will work in your unit - see your unit's page here:
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          My hard drive is a WD Cavier Blue SE 160 GB EIDE PATA

          Model: WD1600AAJB


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            I believe those drives don't work in the early-model TiVos.


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              To confirm, is it because WD put in a serial converter in this particular model per Michael previously? He said if I provided the Model number, he'd confirm that with me.

              Also, you saw no problem with the how I restored the image either with the information I provided as well based on my configuration?
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                That's correct; that model is known to have problems in your model TiVo, but your commands look correct.
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                  Originally posted by panewton1 View Post
                  My hard drive is a WD Cavier Blue SE 160 GB EIDE PATA

                  Model: WD1600AAJB

                  I can save everyone a LOT of trouble and time. WD Cavier Blue disk drives of ANY size will absolutely NOT work in Series 1 TiVo (Phillips in my case). Wasted lots of time and about $110 on 2x 160GB drives. Bought the instantcake s/w and wasted much time on these drives. Was blaming the s/w. Not the s/w. Got a Segate drive and s/w "baked" it the first time and I am now up and running again!

                  For those of us with Series 1 with lifetime rights, it pays to do almost anything to keep these great units running. Don't waste your time, go get a Seagate drive.


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                    Yup - we have Seagate PATA drives that we use for these for this reason.
                    Been here a long time . . .