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add a drive - why do I have to reformat original?

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  • add a drive - why do I have to reformat original?

    bought twinbreeze kit to add 2nd drive to a model 649 80hr DT. All the instructions I've read on weaknees, hinsdale, etc. say to remove the original drive from TiVo and reformat it using MFS along with the new 2nd drive. Why do I have to format/reimage the original drive? why can't I just prep the new 2nd drive for TiVo and add it into the unit with the original on the new dual-drive bracket? is it due to having to "marry" the pair of drives to work together? thanks.

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    The process you describe does not reformat the original drive; it simply marries the two drives together.


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      So the instructions at for adding a drive to a 540080 DT do apply to my 649080 DT? And I really must connect my original TiVo drive to my PC using MFS tools to marry the drives? I apologize for asking the questions again, sort of, I just want to avoid doing anything that doesn't need to be done. Thank you for your help.


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        Yes to both questions.


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          thank you. one more Q: any good/bad experience connecting hard drives via external usb to IDE connectors rather than directly via IDE cable to the board?


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            I don't think the tools support that. If you know Linux well, you might be able to tweak them. Otherwise, go with direct IDE connectors.
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