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se 3 2 card upgrade

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  • se 3 2 card upgrade

    My se3 tdx tivo would not display any info on channel banner except 'your subscription has expired' or something to that effect, but it did have correct video and audio, but you could not set anything to record. After a couple calls to tivo and them trouble shooting the problem it quit altogether except for not leaving the 'welcome powering up,,,' loop. Since I have lifetime sub. on it I decided to go for the 2 TB upgrade (tivo tech said drive was most likely bad). New drive came, I swapped them out (very easy) but still same deal with continuos loop, although this time it went the whole setup before going into loop. Verdict, (drive was damaged in shipment) sent drive back, insalled replacement (very easy). result no change. Please help!!

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    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Sounds like a bad power supply to me. See these pics:
    Been here a long time . . .