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TiVo Roamio OTA 2TB VOX - Slow and Frozen Streaming Apps

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  • TiVo Roamio OTA 2TB VOX - Slow and Frozen Streaming Apps

    I bought a refurbished Roamio with the VOX interface three weeks ago. I like how the unit works, but it is so slow and freezes up every couple days.

    I select a show that is on Hulu for example. The screen goes dark, there is minimal indication whether it is loading the app or is just frozen. The app loads much more quickly on any of our old Roku units.

    After a minute it seems the unit is locked up and I pull the plug so it can restart. This happened two or three times this past week.

    Is this because of the VOX interface? Should I have ordered it with the old interface? Is there a patch?

    My warranty is nearly over and I’m ready to return the unit. What are my options to fix this or buy a different machine that works. Thanks.

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    I have a similar problem with an old Roamio/cable connection. I suspect it is the old box since everything else connected to the Comcast wifi "works" (to Comcast's crappy standard). Every app load goes into a black screen for 1 to 2 minutes, then it loads fine. The 89 year-old using it and yelling, "My TV is broken!!" 73 times a day is getting old.

    I don't use TiVo anymore myself, because... #ROKU, but the Cranky Elder/TV Addict can't learn ROKU so I'm stuck with TiVo for now. I'd gladly buy her a new box to stop the "Broken!" hollering, if I KNEW that would FIX the problem, but if I do that, and find it was something else and she still has the black screen, I'm going to be reaaaaaaaally mad.

    It would be wickehd nice to know, or at least to get some advice/opinions, but...

    ... It would appear this forum has been abandoned... do you think it's abandoned? Are you still here!???

    Holly ~ FLA


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      That's almost definitely a failing hard drive. We have replacements here:
      Been here a long time . . .


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        Like they said, probably a hard drive problem. I returned mine and received a new one under warranty. That fixed the problem with locking up, but it's still slower than an old Roku stick so I often use the Roku instead.