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Edge Lost Reception Problem

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  • Edge Lost Reception Problem

    Hey Everyone! First post hopefully I'm putting this in the correct location. I have been an Roamio OTA owner for years. I decided late last year to upgrade to the Edge OTA. Sadly it has been a disappointment. Apps are not available, picture quality seems less than the OTA. Last month I lost signal on a local channel. In my troubleshooting I found my older OTA had no problem pulling in the channel. I jumped through all hoops with Tivo support. They decided the Edge had a bad Tuner. I received the replacement unit. My lost channel was working again... or so it seemed. 3 weeks later the channel starts randomly pixelating and now the signal is completely lost. Again the OTA is pulling a good signal.

    Signal on the Roamio is 67 so it's not like its borderline. When the channel was working it was 50 on the Edge. Obviously this could be a difference in metering between the two units. All the channels have a lower strength on the Edge. I will also add this channel is my only VHF channel.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.