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TIVO Edge with 3TB external Drive Nuisance ReBoot Issue

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  • TIVO Edge with 3TB external Drive Nuisance ReBoot Issue

    On 12-14-2020 I purchased a TIVO Edge Over-the-Air unit with External 3TB drive from WeakNees.
    I connected the unit to my APC Battery Backup Un-Interruptible Power Supply and placed it in a well ventilated area with good access to signal from my 5G WIFI router.
    The unit powered up faultlessly, and has performed very well so far, with only one exception: On two occasions I have experienced nuisance reboot.
    I believe the issue occurs when I am recording four TV programs while simultaneously watching some previously recorded TV program.
    The last time it happened, I had just finished watching my pre recorded program,
    and when I pressed a button on my TIVO remote – Poof – The TV screen went black, and in a few seconds the TIVO startup screen appeared.
    This caused a four minute blank spot in the TV programs that were in the process of recording.
    I felt the surface of the TIVO unit and the External 3TB drive – neither one felt overly warm. Disk usage read 26 percent.
    Processor Overrun? Buffer Overflow? RAM Issues? Spinning Drive vs SSD? Some other idiosyncrasy related to this particular combination of hardware?
    – or simply one piece of hardware running out of specifications - one can only guess.
    What can be done?

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    That sure sounds like a power issue.

    Are you sure you're plugging both into the "backup+surge" outlets and not just the "surge" one?

    Also, do you have ONLY these components on the APC unit?
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      Thank You for your response.
      Some time ago, I viewed a WeakNees post suggesting that TIVO users connect their units via a UPS unit.
      I purchased an APS model BE350G Uninterruptible Power Supply. This unit has three receptacles labeled “Battery Backup + Surge Protection” Both the TIVO Edge and the Power Supply for the 3TB External hard drive are plugged in to those receptacles. The unit also has three receptacles labeled “Surge Protection” There are no plugs connected to those receptacles. There is no plug connected to the remaining “Battery Backup + Surge Protection” receptacle.
      A multimeter reading at the unused “Battery Backup + Surge Protection” receptacle reads 120.1VAC.


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        Thinking about it, I wonder if I could have had my laptop charger plugged into the UPS when this issue occurred – I don’t think so, but it’s definitely not connected now. I’ll watch for another occurrence of the nuisance reboot, and try to make an accurate record of system status at time of occurrence.


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          OK - I doubt a laptop charger would affect it much.
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            Just a question to satisfy my curiosity: I notice that even though there is no scheduled TIVO activity, the Red LED on the 3TB external hard drive blinks to show disk activity every few seconds or so, seemingly 24 hours a day (This occurs even if the TIVO has no programs to record for a week). Is this some sort of hard disk “Keep Awake” activity? – Just curious – Thanks.


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              Well, the TiVo is always buffering live TV, so there's always going to be disk activity. That's how you can turn on your TV and rewind 30 minutes.
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