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VOX Remote and Roamio

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  • VOX Remote and Roamio

    Picked up a Roamio and wanted to add a Bluetooth VOX remote to it. Purchased the weaknees Bluetooth dongle and I have 2 VOX remotes from a BOLT that work fine on it.

    Action taken..
    Installed Dongle on my Roamio
    Turned off my other TiVo devices in my house
    Tried to pair 2 different VOX remotes - no luck
    Did multiple Global resets
    Did all the RF troubleshooting tips that I probably don't need to do as this is a Bluetooth remote.
    Restarted the Roamio
    Changed USB ports
    Tried to pair the remotes the say way I do it on my Bolt
    Validated the dongle works by plugging it into a windows device (shows its a generic Bluetooth device.)
    2 VOX remotes work fine on another Bolt that I have - so 100% sure the remotes work.

    Lots of info on IR and RF connections on the net... But I cannot find anything that has details on how to connect a Bluetooth VOX remote to a Roamio with a dongle.

    Also.. Does the VOX remote also have the ability to connect via RF? May have to skip the dongle and go with RF.