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  • New Hard Drive

    I much appreciate that WeaKnees monitors this chat forum regularly. Not much traffic these days so attention could have waned. With my being up & running after their resurrection of the 2016 Premiere makes me esp involved in it.

    Is the new 2Tb hard drive a solid state one? The unit feels cool even after hours of use. If so then it’d be protected against sudden bumps. I suppose models with moving parts are being phased out, despite their lower price tag.


    Edit: Was the 500 Gb drive you removed the older design?
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    Nope - we don't use any SSDs yet. They really aren't a good fit for streaming video yet due to the read/write cycles in this application.
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      Good to know. The means I shouldn’t try moving the unit while it’s running. Also, it’s wise to go on standby for long periods of inactivity.