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Best TiVo for Over The Air reception

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  • Best TiVo for Over The Air reception

    As someone who ONLY wants to receive Over The Air (OTA) channels, which TiVo (from Series 3 or later) gives best reception? My inclination is to get a 2-receiver Premiere for best reception, because it only has to split the antenna signal two ways. The latest TiVo models split the antenna signal 4 or more ways in order to simultaneously record 4 channels. My understanding is that each time you split the antenna signal, the signal becomes weaker. But maybe TiVo has has improved their receivers in their newer models to the point where they can get just as good reception from a weaker signal? Has anyone compared antenna reception between 2-receiver and 4-receiver TiVos?

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    I really don't think there's any difference with the internal splits - that's all a digital issue inside the main chip.

    I recommend the Roamio OTA:

    It has lifetime service included, and it's much faster than the Premiere line.
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