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Delay / Echo between 2 TV's?

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  • Delay / Echo between 2 TV's?

    (Sorry for the length, but this problem has become complicated, time consuming, and expensive.)
    Weíre considering a TiVo Bolt OTA VOX plus four Mini Vox units, but need to be certain we do not replicate an annoying problem. Our kitchen overlooks a family room on the main level. When we installed a DirecTV DVR and minis, our TVís were not in sync. People would cheer in one room before those in the other even knew what happened. Same sync problem upstairs and downstairs. Audio and video at individual TVís were in sync, but not among TVís. DirecTV decided that the sync problem is a design/technical issue, not an installation problem, so they thankfully waived the early cancellation fee.

    ē Internet is slow but a consistent 10 mb/s. We have no hic-cups watching 4K movies from Amazon Prime Video. Could change to faster broadband if necessary.
    ē Our 802.11n router is on the 3rd floor but we have a good signal on all floors. We can relocate it to the family room with the future Bolt if necessary. Itís more difficult to move it so we can connect the Bolt via ethernet cable, but may be possible.
    ē All of our TV jacks are tied into the main level family room equipment via coax.

    1. Will we have an out-of-sync problem among TVs with TiVo, if all TVs are using TiVo devices? If yes, any recommended solutions?
    2. Can the Bolt be connected wirelessly, or must it be wired Ethernet?
    3. Can the Miniís be connected wirelessly, or must they be MoCA?