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Power Supply Problems - FAQ

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  • Power Supply Problems - FAQ

    As TiVos get older, power supplies begin to have problems. We have replacement TiVo power supplies for many units, and if you don't see your model listed there, email us. We may have one or two hanging around.

    How do you know if your power supply is failing? The easiest test is generally just looking for video out. If you get no video out at all - not even the gray "Welcome, Powering Up" screen, then you probably have a failed power supply. Sometimes, drives will still spin up, and fans will spin up, but you get no video out.

    Certain model TiVos exhibit specific problems that can mean power supply failure, other than the loss of video:

    Philips HDR series and Sony SVR 2000: These units have a problem where they stop outputting audio. Then, when you reboot, the audio works again for a time, and then it turns off again. This is characteristic of a failed power supply, and we've always seen a replacement fix it.

    TiVo TCD140060 and AT&T TCD130040 Series2: These two models have a pretty big propensity for power supply failure, and we're constantly having a hard time keeping these in stock.

    DirecTV HR10-250: We've seen a bunch of strange problems with these units get fixed with a new power supply, including HDMI issues (although usually those are the HDMI card), overheating problems (again, actually, usually HDMI problems, but sometimes a bad power supply) and the regular no-video issues.
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    I have an HR10-250 and am having the following restart issues:

    Do those sound like any of the "strange problems" you have heard about?

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      So what drive is in the unit now?
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        A Quantum one I bought from you guys a short while back (QuickView?).


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          So Maxtor, probably.

          Have you tested that drive in a PC? Has that drive ever worked well?

          Our first area of suspicion would be with the drive. Especially if you've made other modifications to the software, somewhere in the mix there may be a hardware or software problem with the drive.
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            Oops. Maxtor, yes. Definitely.

            How would I test the drive? Plug it in and look for SMART errors? That's what happened with my old drive. Beyond that, I don't know what other tests to run since it is a special filesystem format.


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              See this info about testing:


              If you want to PM me your order number I can get a little more info too.
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                I was reading in your FAQs before i saw this thread.. It said if the Tivo fan spins you get a black screen but all the front lights are on it is a power supply issue.. My tivo fan is spinning, there is a black/blank screen but the front lights aren't on.. Would that still be a power supply issue?
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                  What model TiVo?


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                    Model: TCD540040


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                      New info on this issue..:

                      As I was checking the model number i noticed that the USB Network adaptar plugged in was also not on. I don't know if this supports the power supply theory.. but i would think so.


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                        Tough to say for sure, but no lights is a pretty good indicator of a power supply problem. The spinning fan doesn't really tell much one way or another. The blank screen is consistent with a power supply issue.

                        It is not surprising that you don't have USB won't have that until after the TiVo has started powering up and is close to getting to TiVo Central.


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                          Well i plugged your power supply in and nothing happened.. I don't know if the thing is broken or what.. but then i plugged back in my old unit and the tivo started working again.. I don't really know how it started working again and i don't really care.. Thanks guys for your help with my Tivo.


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                            Strange - but glad to hear it. Just be careful - this may mean more problems are coming.
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                              I suspect a power supply problem on a HR10-250 but would like to know for sure before ordering a replacement. The system froze and wouldn't accept remote or front button input. I pulled power and restarted. The system comes up with the "Welcome. Powering up..." message but goes no farther. The hard drive will boot in someone else's machine. The fan runs and I have front panel lights. Occasionally the record light will come on for a few seconds and then the welcome screen will blink off and back on. I also tried running a molex from a PC to power the hard drive but still nothing after the welcome. Are there any voltages I can check or anything else that I can look at? Thanks for the help.