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Weak signal on MOCA Network

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  • Weak signal on MOCA Network

    I recently moved and had to switch from Ethernet to Moca network for my Tivo Bolt and 4 Tivo Minis. It hasn't worked since - lots of weak signal messages on multiple tvs daily (V52 and V112 most common, "Can't Watch Now," "Live TV Can't be watched now" pixelation, etc.) I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot with Tivo tech support and still no solution. They finally told me that it has something to do with the amplifier/splitter I'm using which is a Comast piece of hardware. (See pic) Tivo says I need at least 2Ghz splitter but comcast device is 1001 Mhz. It's an 8 port amp and splitter. I have scoured the internet and called multiple companies trying to find an amp/splitter with at least 5 outputs that's 2Ghz. Any suggestions?

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    A "designed for MoCA" amp is what you'd want, such as one of the following, assuming you require the amplification:

    In a TiVo MoCA setup, it's always worth giving a passive setup a try, since only the modem and TiVo DVRs require the cable signal. In such a case, the following hybrid splitter can be useful: