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Can't Get Mini to Work on Co-ax, Just Ethernet

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  • Can't Get Mini to Work on Co-ax, Just Ethernet


    Newbie here. I've had Tivos for years, the last one being Directv. I just dropped DTV and now have cable. Since I couldn't live without Tivo, and Tivo remotes, I checked craigslist. Found a Nice Series 5 Roamio, with lifetime service, along with it's Mini friend. Got the Roamio up and running, after calling Tivo and switching both boxes in my name. Hooked the Mini up, no joy on co-ax, works great on ethernet cable. The co-ax set up is...... Cable from Spectrum comes in house. Attached it to splitter. Co-ax from splitter to Arris internet box, to Roamio and to Mini. Cable from Spectrum also comes into bedroom, where mini is, but that didn't work so I attached different coax to the splitter that works for everything else. Still no joy. I saw instructions that said to make MoCA network, my Roamio doesn't give me the choice to make a network. The Roamio is connected to wifi as well as cable. Why does the mini only work on ethernet? I want it to work on one of the two co-axes I have in the bedroom, either the one from the splitter or the one from Spectrum.

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    1) Spectrum doesn't allow enabling MoCA on their MoCA-capable gateways, so you'd need a MoCA adapter at your router/gateway location to function as your MoCA/Ethernet bridge, to which your other devices would connect via MoCA over your coax.

    2a) Your DVR isn't MoCA-capable (must be a 4-tuner basic Roamio), and so would require its own MoCA adapter if it can't be connected via Ethernet to your router.

    2b) If your Spectrum setup requires a Tuning Adapter, you'd need to use a splitter at the DVR location to ensure that the DVR's MoCA adapter and TA are connected directly to the coax; the DVR could optionally be connected via the pass-through port of either the MoCA adapter or TA. (If the TA becomes unstable when a MoCA network is active, a MoCA filter should be installed on the TA's coax input to protect it from MoCA signals.)

    3) You'd want to get a "PoE" MoCA filter installed on the input of your main 3-way splitter, to both secure and strengthen your MoCA network.

    4) Coming from DirecTV, you'll want to review your splitters for "cable" MoCA compatibility. DirecTV splitters are particularly a burden when setting up a cable MoCA network. Holland's GHS-PRO-M or newer series are recommended.

    So... 2 MoCA adapters, 2 MoCA filters, an additional MoCA-compatible 2-way splitter, and associated coax could be needed.