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Phone line needed for DirecTV TiVo?

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  • Phone line needed for DirecTV TiVo?

    I'm thinking of getting a new DirecTV TiVo. Does it need a phone line, or can I just use it?

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    Yes, you need a phone line in order to use the DirecTV Tivo. But...and there is always a but, the phone line does not need to be connected once the unit has been initially dialed in. After the unit is setup, it will function just fine without the phone line connected. However, you will get a nag screen that says "the unit has not made a phone call for "X" amount of days". Nothing to worry about.

    Now if you are user of the Pay-Per-View feature, you need the phone line connected if you want to order something directly from the guide. You can get around that by ordering by phone or on the interent.
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      One more quick detail: for that initial dial-in session, you don't need access to the DirecTV dish. So if you need to, you can activate it and call it in to DirecTV, then bring it to a friend's house for the dial-in, and friend doesn't need to have a dish.
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        A friend's phone line?

        Is there any advantage to using a friend's phone instead of my own? Does big brother know you are telling me this?


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          If you have a regular old land line, great, use it. But this is for people who either don't have a land line at all (they go cell phone only), or for people who have VoIP like Vonage. TiVo modems can't really use cell phones, and often don't like using Vonage or other VoIP providers. We have a modem kit that makes most VoIP work with TiVos, but if you just plan to dial the unit in for initial setup, you don't need to spend the money on the modem kit.
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            I have the Philips DSR6000 DirecTV/Tivo and I just ordered replacement hard drives from Weaknees and I just installed them and I found the answer to the 28% problem on the forum but now I need to figure out how to finish the setup with no land line. I have had the DirecTV Tivo service for about 10 years now and when I moved a year ago I never got a land line so I've been getting the annoying "unsuccessful dial-in" messages which I am used to now, but I just replaced the drives today and I got the thing up and running by unhooking the cable to bypass the 28% problem but it wont let me setup any Season Passes or anything without completing the dial-in portion. I also dont have my local channels just yet so I was wondering if that will come on its own or if that is part of the dial-in setup? I read here that I can take the box to someone else's phone to complete the setup. Is that the only way to finish it? Also, is there anything I can do wirelessly thru a network without landline service?


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              Basically, yes, you need to take it somewhere to dial it in twice in a row. So long as you bought your TiVo new (and not on eBay or something like that), then you should be fine after the initial dial-ins. You can find a lot more information here:

              DIRECTV TiVo Model/Dialing FAQ


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                Phone Line

                Thanks. Yes I bought it new a long time ago. I actually have 3 of them and the other 2 are working fine. It was just the one that needed drive replacement. I did get my local channels but I guess I will need to find somewhere to take this one box to dial in. What cords do I need to take with to make the call? I'm assuming just the S-video connector to connect the box to my friend's TV?


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                  Right and a phone and power cable of course.


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                    We have 4 existing DirecTv Series 2 Hughes Tivo units. Considering getting rid of land line. Will Tivo still be able to get programming information without it?

                    I know we will not be able to order movies thru the remote/ unit. Willing to accept that.



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                      Yup - programming comes through the dish entirely at this point.

                      Your units will nag you once a day to dial in, and they can't do PPV, but otherwise, they should be fine. We've got tons of customers doing it.

                      If you ever get a new drive, though, you'll need to dial-in, which can be done at a friend's house or an office.
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                        Thanks for the info


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                          u don't need pay-- that is an advantage


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                            Anyway to get rid of that nagging message in the phone settings?

                            Also, have one unit that when it reboots keeps coming back to the blue screen that states it was unable to acquire satellite info.

                            HD problem or power supply? Have had power supply problems in the past and usually it just restarts unexpectedly.

                            Have sent reset info to receiver from



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                              No way to get rid of the nag screen.

                              The rebooting sounds like a drive problem. Replacement drives are here:

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