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TiVo Mini and MoCA: Amplifier and splitter

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  • TiVo Mini and MoCA: Amplifier and splitter

    Although they worked fine for years, I am now having trouble with one of my two Tivo Minis maintaining its MoCa connection to the main box, a TiVo Series 5. I called Tivo support, who says the MoCA signal in my house is weak, and that I need to use a splitter rated or between 1650-2500 MHz. The photo of this cable amplifier / splitter [?] shows that it has forward gain of 0 db, 54-1002 MHz, which seems very common and which may or may not have anything to do with the splitter capacity. IMG_1206.jpg I could not find a amplifier or splitter with higher MHz. Thoughts on how to fix?