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Is Roamio ethernet-smarter than Premiere XL?

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  • Is Roamio ethernet-smarter than Premiere XL?

    This is another N02 error problem, but with wrinkles I couldn't find in existing posts. Since TWC gave me a new modem (Ubee), my Premiere XL cannot connect to the internet--in particular, cannot find a DHCP server, while my Roamio can. I've tried swapping cables, ports, etc., that's not the problem. Also, the XL CAN connect if I plug it into my Airport, which is plugged into the modem, so I know its ethernet port is OK. It appears that TWC has set up the modem in a way that the newer TiVo can figure out but the older one can't. They have also locked out users' ability to change any of its configuration parameters, or to even see most of them, but I can at least see that it claims to be in Bridge mode. Would that make sense as the root of the problem?

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    I really don't know what that is - maybe an IP4 versus IP6 issue?

    But in any event, why not just leave it plugged into the Airport?
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