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Strange (scary) email from TiVo re: upgrade offer

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  • Strange (scary) email from TiVo re: upgrade offer

    Yesterday (Sep 7/18) about 930pm, I got an email from TiVo, telling me the deactivation of my Premier with Lifetime has been delayed from Sep 7 to Sep 8. I had received the upgrade offer (give up Product Lifetime on my Premiere, get a discount on All-In on new device) but had decided not to do it.

    Dear Customer ,
    Thank you for participating in our "Summer Breeze" promotion to replace a Product Lifetime service plan with an All-In service plan on a recently purchased TiVo device!
    To qualify for this offer, you selected the TSN promo code, which indicated, which current TiVo DVR you wanted to deactivate and use for the All-In service plan replacement service for your new device. This older TiVo device was scheduled to be deactivated today, September 7, 2018. Unfortunately, we have encountered some delays, and so, your deactivation date has been rescheduled for tomorrow, September 8, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience. You are welcome to take this additional time to transfer any shows that you love.
    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    Thank you for being a loyal TiVo customer. Have a great day!
    TiVo Team
    Has anyone else received this? I wrote to TiVo and I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow (Sat) but wondered if it's a mistake that the email went out to everyone who qualified and not just those who accepted the offer, for example. Hoping to save myself a long wait in the calling queue on Saturday.


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    Is it possible that you have any older units still on your account?

    Maybe one of those units was upgraded by the current owner?
    Been here a long time . . .


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      Thanks for the quick suggestion. I have two "active" TiVos, a S2DT with Lifetime and a Premiere with Lifetime. And a couple of inactive S2DT that didn't have Lifetime.

      I missed the 2017 upgrade offer on the S2 because it hadn't been used in the previous year. Swore I'd power it up once just in case, didn't get to it, and didn't get a 2018 offer on it (did get an offer on the Premiere).

      I'll have to call, was hoping others had received this email.



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        I was just getting ready to call TiVo (organizing account #, etc.) when this email arrived at 2:39pm (EDT):

        Dear Valued Customer,
        We're sorry. We recently sent out a deactivation email to everyone in our "Summer Breeze" promotion, and noticed you were included in that email by mistake. If you did not purchase a TiVo BOLT with this offer, we want to reassure you that your box(es) will not be deactivated.
        We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that our previous email may have caused.
        Thank you for your patience. Thank you for continuing to be a loyal TiVo customer.
        TiVo Team
        Reposting here in case anyone else is in the same boat. It does serve as a handy reminder to power on my S2DT(LT) and (fingers crossed) connect to TiVo. Should do the same with my Premiere, which has been powered off since April. Just in case there's a BF promo that requires use in the previous 6mo. Gotta get a low-end Bolt and I'll be back for a decent HD from Weaknees.