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Transferring programs back from PC to TiVo DVR

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  • Transferring programs back from PC to TiVo DVR

    Several years ago I transferred a bunch of concert programs from a TiVo Premiere to a Windows PC using the TiVo Desktop software (free version). If the PC was on and connected to the network I used to be able to share the Video folder in the TiVo Desktop software and see the programs listed in the My Shows section on the TiVo. That doesn't appear to work anymore and when I try to set it up that way I get a message saying I need to link the PC to the TiVo account but the option to do so is grayed out or doesn't do anything. It says I would need the paid TiVo Desktop software upgrade which of course is no longer available. Or is it? The end goal is to transfer some of the programs back to the TiVo. Any thoughts on how to accomplish that?

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    That software hasn't been updated or supported in years.

    Try pyTiVo, iTiVo or kttmg.
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