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new software has arrived! any bugs?

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  • new software has arrived! any bugs?

    As of October 2006, the HR10-250 has finally - FINALLY! - received its long-awaited software update. Version 6.3A has been downloading through the satellite signal all across the country and people are now using folders and reporting speedier performance on Directv's flagship TiVo.

    So far, weaKnees has not heard of any glitches or bugs arrising from this new software version, but keep in mind that new software can often create problems for a malfunctioning hard drive.

    Very frequently, a TiVo user will call up saying that they think a new software download is messing up their TIVo. Not exactly. When new software is written to a drive that has a bad sector, this can hang up performance or lock the unit up entirely. The operating system usually gets written to a previously dormant area of the hard drive. And although the TiVo never exhibited problems prior to the download, all of a sudden you're out of business.

    If this sounds familiar, don't panic. Chances are it's simply time to replace that hard drive. You can order a drive shipped to your door and be good as new in just a few days. And on the plus side, you'll probably end up with more storage space than you had before.
    That's all there is to it!