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Series 1 drive access on SATA computer

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  • Series 1 drive access on SATA computer

    I have an old Series 1 Phillips Tivo (not DirecTV) that I pulled out of storage to use as a recorder for a CCTV/security camera application. It has a network card (CacheCard) and I'm certain that it used to work on the network. However, I think I gave it a static IP address and it's not not responding to the address I thought I had given it. And because it's a static IP address, it doesn't show up as a client on my router. I could try to ping/connect to every address, but that's pretty cumbersome, especially if I don't remember exactly which segment I used.

    Normally, I'd boot into Linux using the Jenkins boot CD and look at the file to see what address I assigned and/or switch it back to DHCP. However, technology changes and I no longer have a PC with IDE ports, only SATA. I have a SATA to IDE converter that allows me to connect the Tivo's IDE drive to an SATA port on the motherboard, and WINMFS can see it, so I know the converter works. However. it's still viewed as an SATA drive to the computer, and the Jenkins (and MFSTOOLS 2.0) versions of Linux don't seem to recognize SATA drives. Or maybe I'm using the wrong /dev/sdb4 syntax to mount the partition.

    So I'm looking for a Linux boot CD (or USB file) that will allow me to mount an SATA drive, with byteswapping enabled (Series 1, after all), so I can view/edit From there, I can Telnet or otherwise connect over my network. I acknowledge that the need to connect old technology (Series 1 Tivo) with new technology (SATA interface) is a pretty niche market, so maybe this doesn't exist.

    I tried a serial connection to the bash prompt, but I must not have put the magic line into the rc.sysinit file to enable it. So I still need to connect the drive to my PC and talk to it over a command line in Linux to get stuff working.

    Is there a Linux boot CD out there that would allow me to mount an SATA drive with byteswapping so I can edit some files on the drive?