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Clone Series3 hard drive?

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  • Clone Series3 hard drive?

    The original hard drive in my Series3 died about 1.5 years ago. Well, it had been boxed up, I moved, decided to get it out again, and found it was dead.

    I ordered a replacement from weaknees, got a 2 TB WD Purple drive. It just died, so I ordered another. I assume I will get another WD Purple, but now I'm a bit suspicious of it. I should probably clone the drive before installing, but can't find any tools that can do it because it uses it's own special file system (MFS).

    Some searching found a repository for mfstools on SourceForge, but it hasn't been updated since 2015 and won't build.

    I don't really need to access files on the drive, I just want to make a raw copy. I have a linux machine, and use clonezilla to back up my linux boot drive. I'm wondering if anyone has used clonezilla to successfully clone a TIVO drive.

    I'm also assuming an SSD would be a bad choice since it would be written to 24/7 which would probably quickly wear it out.

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    Sorry - I don't know of any public tools to do that these days.
    Been here a long time . . .