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Replaced Hard Drive Still Nothing. HELP

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  • Replaced Hard Drive Still Nothing. HELP

    Thanks I have a TiVo HD series 3 model TCD652160. It stopped sending picture to TV, I purchased replacement Hard Drive and new fan because it was noisy from Weeknees and installed both. Reconnected to TV and still nothing...just black screen. Green light on front is on but still no picture. Tried different HDML cable still nothing.

    Edit it to add: I reinstalled my old hard drive and for just About a minute the “Welcome! Powering Up” Screen flashed on my tv but then went black again. Thoughts.
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    just a guess - make sure your TV video mode is set to auto resolution. there may be an incompatibility between Tivo and TV


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      I think that's a failed HDMI port on there. We see that with bad ports - the very first screen will show, and then it goes black at the negotiation stage.

      We can fix the HDMI port on that model. See this page:
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