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Bolt internal HD dead

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  • Bolt internal HD dead

    I have a Bolt with the 500GB internal drive and a 1TB WD MyBook external drive, around 25% full. The internal drive appears dead*, while the external drive appears good. But of course the Bolt is showing the dreaded four blinking lights. Is there any hope for salvaging my content? Or will a replacement drive necessarily wipe everything?

    * Here’s how I reached that conclusion: I plugged the external drive into a laptop that just happens to have the needed eSATA port and ran SpinRite on it, with no problems. I then removed the internal drive from the TiVo, plugged it into the internal slot in the laptop and tried to run SpinRite on it (booted from a thumb drive). But SpinRite could not see the 500GB drive, so couldn’t repair it. (I confirmed that SpinRite *could* see other similar hard drives in the same slot.)

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    Given all of that, I really don't think there's any way to get the content back.

    We have success with failed 3 TB drives because the failure seems to be different from what you're seeing.
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