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Difference between Roamio and Bolt power adapter

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  • Difference between Roamio and Bolt power adapter

    Wondering what the size difference between these two power adapters?
    It seems the Bolt power adapter will fit the Roamio, but the Roamio adapter will not fit the Bolt. Slightly different pin size?

    What is it?

    I see they state it's a 12volt 1a. Will a 2 or 3 a work?
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    The power adapters are different are NOT interchangeable. Just because they fit does not mean that you want to use a Roamio power supply in a Bolt, for example.


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      Same input and output voltage, same out put as well..

      BUT a Roamio power adapter WILL NOT fit a Bolt. However a Bolt power adapter WILL fit a Roamio

      The difference IS the pin size

      My question is What IS the pin size for both? It must be very close. Simple minds want to know....LOL


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        Sorry but we do not have these specifications.