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Premiere Lifetime HDD Dead; Can I Swap-in new Premiere HDD?

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  • Premiere Lifetime HDD Dead; Can I Swap-in new Premiere HDD?

    Hi - I am new here. If I am not posting in the right places, please help me get to where I need to be. Had TIVOs for years.

    My Premiere was stuck on "Welcome" after a few power losses in last week's snowstorms.

    Searching made me think HDD. I found a new, sealed Premiere with no cables, so I got it thinking I could swap over the HDD. [I'm know enough to troubleshoot and fix stuff, and I've fixed computers, cars, appliances, etc. but I don't "live" there, so I am no expert on anything and could use some help please.

    The new HDD in the old TIVO wakes up to prompt for country, then zip, then cable, then card, then network, then it links-up and downloads info, then it goes through "Welcome" and "Almost There," and then wakes up with country all over again.

    What did I miss or do wrong here?

    If I need to clear and delete, will I get a "brick" like others I've read here? If not and that's the way out, how do I go about doing that?

    Or, if I need an image copied to the new HDD, then how do I go about doing that? [Do I need a PC? Can it be Windows OS?]

    Thanks for your time. Just trying to save my TIVO without having to spend another fortune.

    Sincerely - C

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    So you had the right idea, but unfortunately, the drive you found had software so old that it cannot update.

    We have replacement drives with the newer software on them here:

    I don't know of any way to find an image yourself and install it.
    Been here a long time . . .


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      Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. (I should have asked first.)

      Now I need to decide whether to replace the HDD or the whole unit.

      Will weaKnees still support Premieres when the replacement HDD dies, or is it just a stopgap on a dying breed?

      Thanks again - C


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        Support them how? We do sell parts for them and we do repair them, if that's what you mean.
        Been here a long time . . .