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Homebrew Bolt Drive Replacement: Custom cable needed?

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  • Homebrew Bolt Drive Replacement: Custom cable needed?

    Hello weaKnees,

    What an amazing resource you have with knowledge, repairs, replacements et. al. I'm so glad to have found you.


    In our household we're uber-geeks, with lots of home-brewed media service hardware/software. (TrueNAS, Kodi, Logitech Media Server, etc.)

    The internal drive on our Tivo Bolt+ died. We agree with the weaKnees idea of replacing the internal drive with a 3 1/2 inch drive with both bigger physical and storage size. We researched, and picked up a WD Red+ replacement.

    We used ddrescue to recover the data from the old drive and imaged it onto the replacement drive.

    On the workbench, we cabled the drive onto the TiVo and Viola! It was back up and happy.

    The issue:

    We searched high and low for the minimum length cables to create the boxed up external solution and found:
    right angle SATA adapter.
    SATA to eSATA panel mount cable 12 inches long.
    eSATA to eSATA cable 18 inches long.
    Total cable length: 33 inches, within the eSATA spec.

    But alas, no joy. The drive does not work.

    My question:

    The weaKnees kit mentions a "Custom SATA Cable" and "eSATA Extension Cable"

    Can you guys share the secret of what cabling you provide that results in a working drive? Is that cabling available for purchase?

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    Sorry, but no, we aren't making these available for purchase separately at this point. Getting these custom-made was quite a task and to justify selling them separately, we'd have to sell them for an uncomfortable price.
    Been here a long time . . .


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      That makes sense. You guys have to do what makes sense business-wise and price-wise.

      Can you share some insight into what makes the difference between a working and non-working setup?

      1. Minimize total length?
      2. Minimize junction points / number of pieces?
      3. Additional shielding?
      4. All of the above?

      And, "Sorry, no" is a perfectly reasonable response. You guys worked to get a working combo, and this one might be "secret sauce."


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        This is definitely a solid "sorry, no."
        Been here a long time . . .