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  • OnePass issues

    This is complicated. The upshot is that OnePasses are not recording anything, even though I can see episodes selected to be recorded in the ToDo list. Furthermore, I can’t cancel the defective OnePasses so they can be recreated.

    Here are the details. I had a Bolt with a 2TB HD from WeaKnees, working fine. But the Bolt went bad (bad motherboard evidently) and I lost all the content. TiVo offered a replacement Bolt Vox with a 512GB HD for $250, which I took (transferring my lifetime service). When the 90-day warranty expired, I pulled the half-TB HD out and put in the 2TB HD from the dead Bolt. The swap worked great. There was no content, but I expected that. I was however surprised to see OnePasses there—I wasn’t expecting any. In fact, most of them were duplicated. I surmised that it was showing OnePasses from both the new unit and the old unit. Still mystifies me. Anyway… I went through and removed the extras.

    But then when it came time for things to be recorded, nothing happened. No error messages, things that had been in the ToDo list disappeared… but no shows. I verified that I CAN record shows. And I CAN create NEW OnePasses that work. But I can’t get rid of the “defective“ ones. What to do???

    Thanks in advance for any help! (Cross-posted in TiVo Community Forum as well.) - JR

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    Do a "clear and delete everything" from the Help menu to serialize the drive to the new unit.
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