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Unable To Clone Tivo Disk, Shows In Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro as Empty

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  • Unable To Clone Tivo Disk, Shows In Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro as Empty

    Hi all,

    My Weak Knees Roamio OTA with a 4TB hard disk upgrade has been sounding like a two chair hair salon with both blow-dryers going. When you open your eyes at night and wonder what's that sound from the living room, it's time.

    Soooo I bought a fan kit from Weak Knees and another WD purple 4TB. I decided to tackle the hard disk first. I'm using Paragon's Had Disk Manager Professional cloning software and I put the old and new drive into a Thunderbolt 3 disk enclosure and connected to a Windows 10 machine. Tip: always mark the old disk in some way on the label, always capture the serial numbers so in all cases you can tell one from the other. I bring this up because I am sure in every way I do not and did not do the cloning process in reverse. No cloning operation has been started as Paragon is reporting the source disk as empty. Interestingly, I also validated which disk was which by inspecting the SMART health data on each disk. The old disk has almost 53K operational hours on it LOL. That means the fan has also. I know SMART is not that smart but at least the drive has no recorded bad health events.

    As I mentioned, I was unable to initiate a clone as the old disk shows one uninitialized MBR partition and another that reports empty. The clone operation won't run as it thinks the source disk is empty. Note I do have the 2nd disk set up as GPT. I did not expect to see a MBR disk unless the 90s called.

    Can’t clone; figured the data was lost; so just to prove the Roamio was toast, I put the drive back in the unit and powered up. Bamm, shows are all there. I’m going to replace the fan and put the unit back in service but truly after you start using 50k+ numbers to describe your hair dryer disk you should already know what is going to happen.

    Anyone, any thought on why what was there, was then not there, then back again can happen? Perhaps me and my disk should make a lot of money joining the circus or a tech oriented Vegas show ….

    I remember deciding to use Weaknees in the first place because the linuix kernel for the Tivo had to be tuned and settings injected on each boot to properly interpret the hard disk. The thought of doing this science project without any fun myself made my knees a bit week. Perhaps I’m facing oddity from the original Tivo adaption to a larger disk or DRM protections? I’m sure my choice of shows and many seasons would be so popular with everyone else, I could clone thousands of my disk and sell them far and wide as a pirate. Everyone already wants in the house to watch my choices already. Sooo much popcorn and dropped licorice sticks but I digress…

    Thanks all. I’d really like to clone. I’ve cloned many a Linux disk from every imaginable type of device. Never seen this before.

    Greg, alone without a clone.