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Bolt Video Output Occasionally Fails

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  • Bolt Video Output Occasionally Fails

    My 6-tuner Bolt’s video output fails about once/month. The recording function is unaffected, and the unit remains active as a remote device. I have to disconnect and reconnect the power supply to reboot, which interrupts any active recording and is a nuisance.

    Any fix that doesn’t require sending the unit in for repair?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Are you sure it isn't just going to sleep?

    We have info on that here:

    Been here a long time . . .


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      When playback doesn’t work, the TiVo button does nothing. I presume it’s not asleep.


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        Additional info: normally, when I turn the TV on, I press the TiVo button while the TV is. booting. Tonight, I turned on the TV and didn’t hit the TiVo button, and I got a live picture. I then hit the TiVo button, and the TiVo output disappeared with no further response from the TiVo button.


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          That doesn't sound good. But that problem also doesn't sound familiar to me. I'd say there's a chance you have a failing hard drive, and there's a chance it's something else.

          Replacement hard drive kits are here:

          and if you want to send it in to us for repair, go here:

          Been here a long time . . .