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Tivo Roamio Flashing Green Light never goes away

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  • Tivo Roamio Flashing Green Light never goes away

    My Tivo Roamio has been having this issue with flashing green light once or twice per year for last 2 years. I thought maybe it happened after an update? Unplugging/plugging back resolved it. This year it happened a few months apart and took hours to suddenly start working. However this time, the unit went out while I was watching (never happened before). Just turned off and left with flashing green light. In past if it didn’t start up in 1/2 day, I’d just leave it unplugged for a day or two. I tried keeping it unplugged for a whole week this time and still nothing. When I plug it in, I think I don’t hear it whir up as loud as it used to (not that it was loud but you can tell it was spinning or doing something inside). The box has been sitting there for over a week and still just flashing green.

    The troubleshooting sites I visited don’t mention this exact issue. Most of the sites talk about all lights flashing or flashing green light that goes out. My flashing green light doesn’t go out. Any ideas?