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Clone external 6TB HD for TiVo to save recordings

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  • Clone external 6TB HD for TiVo to save recordings

    I have a 2020 TiVo Edge with an external 6TB HD that I purchased from WeaKnees and installed in February 2021. The drive has worked great, but now it sounds loud and clunky (with occasional grinding noises), and I suspect it is on the way out. It is 54% full, including lots of premium channel movies which do not generally transfer from one TiVo to another (due to copyright rules). Is there a way that this HD could be cloned and have its contents placed on a NEW 6 TB HD from WeaKnees (which I could then install on the same TiVo Edge unit)? I have worked hard to amass this video collection and I do not want to lose it when the drive eventually fails. Thank you. --Tom

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    If the unit is working fine (other than the noise), then yes, we should be able to get everything from the old drive to a replacement 6TB. If for some reason the drive is failing, it's better to address the issue soon, before the drive fails, if the content really is important to you.

    All of that said, it's possible that the noise you are hearing is fan noise.


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      Thank you for your prompt response, Jeff. How would you proceed, if you were in my place? Is fan replacement something I could do here? (I'm not a computer genius, but I was able to easily perform the self-install of this 6TB drive into my Edge.) I presume a fan would be the least expensive answer. Also ... I purchased the 2-year extended warranty from WeaKnees back in Feb. 2021. I just want my unit to work properly and not lose any recordings. What do you suggest? Thanks. --Tom


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        If the unit is under warranty, you are welcome to send it in for testing, although the data copy would not be covered. If you'd prefer a fan, that's of course a problem. Either way, you will want to contact us directly via email because we cannot exchange personal information in a public forum.