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  • Tivo Bolt OTA No TV Signals

    I have an OTA Bolt that is a couple years old. I have an OTA antenna that splits in the junction box outside to five different rooms which includes the Living Room where the Bolt is located. This happened a couple weeks ago. I was looking at signal strength on the Bolt and found that I was getting about 50-60. I was curious if the signal strength would increase if I removed the splitter and connected the antenna line directly to line to the Living Room/Bolt. I didn't have a female/female connector so I borrowed one from the internet line (I have my cable internet connected directly to the line to my router in the junction box. Yes, I didn't have internet during this time but the family got over it) connected everything and checked the signal strength again. It was now at 60-70. Since we never watch TV in any of the other rooms I thought I would remove the splitter but since I didn't have another female/female connector I had to go buy one. No big deal. I disconnected/reconnected everything the way it was (internet was back, and TV signal was on) Went to store bought a pack of 5 since they didn't sell individual and went back to the outside junction box. Disconnected the splitter, connected to the two lines together and started to close up the box when my wife comes out and says "are you almost done?" I said I am done and she said there was no signal. Double checked my connection and everything was good. So I started to trouble shoot. Connected the antenna line to a different cable line in a different room, received a signal. Tried the Bolt line again, nothing. Disconnected the cable from the Bolt and connected directly to TV, received a signal. Reconnected back to Bolt, no signal. I had been rebooting the Bolt each time as well. So I removed the Bolt from the Living Room and went to one of the other rooms. TV had signal, disconnected cable from TV, connected to Bolt, plugged in Bolt, after startup, no signal. Reconnected cable back to TV and received signal. I did this 3 different times in different rooms. I contacted Tivo Help and doing the same trouble shooting never found resolution. Found this website and asking for possible additional help.
    Additional information. I never moved the Bolt during my initial change. I only started to move it after all other trouble shooting wasn't working. Only the turner doesn't work. I am still able to access Internet/Apps and My Playlist with no problem which is good because we had shows saved that we are watching and not lost. I had to purchase an Edge but the Bolt is so much better. Hoping that maybe someone can identify the problem?
    I believe I trouble shot all possible options to rule out everything except that the turners are bad? Is this fixable?
    Thanks in advantage for your help and assistance

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    Sorry to say, that sounds like a failed tuner in the Bolt and we can't fix that. I'm not sure if changing the wiring caused the failure, but I'd guess not since you said the tuner was already getting worse signal strength before you changed anything.

    We do sell replacement Bolts here:
    Been here a long time . . .