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Blue Screen Appears Randomly - Video Adapter Overheating?

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  • Blue Screen Appears Randomly - Video Adapter Overheating?

    Sometimes my Bolt shows a blue screen even though it continues to work normally, otherwise. (I know this because the Tivo Mini is remotely accessing it and working fine.)
    I tried bypassing the Audio/Video Receiver and it still shows a blue screen. I decided to remove the Bolt from the middle shelf, remove the case, blow air to dust it off and test it for about a week uncovered, sitting out. It worked flawlessly. As soon as I placed it (cover off) back on the shelf it started acting up again.

    Has anyone experienced a video adapter failing? Would temperature be an issue only for the video chip??

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    Definitely, AVRs cause this type of problem for TiVos. But once you connect directly, you should be fine.

    You still have this problem now connected directly, but only when the top is on?
    Been here a long time . . .