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Roamio Plus, Nothing but "Welcome! Starting Up..."

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  • WK-Michael
    I'd guess you have a bad motherboard, sorry to say, but you could also try another drive. I don't know what that model is, but TiVo's use the Purple WD drives. Your drive is likely compatible enough to get the unit to boot, though, even if it wouldn't last very long.

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  • Balzer
    started a topic Roamio Plus, Nothing but "Welcome! Starting Up..."

    Roamio Plus, Nothing but "Welcome! Starting Up..."

    Good afternoon,

    Quick History:
    A while back, several years ago, there was an issue with my Roamio Plus. The HD was making a noise and the Tivo wasn't booting up. Likely a bad hard drive, I figured. I was actually using a Bolt with OTA at the time as my main Tivo (and still today), but had a lot of recordings on the Roamio from my pre-cord-cutting cable TV days. I just unplugged it and left it off for a while since I didn't really use it, although would have liked to watch some of those recordings.

    At some point later, I decided to figure out the issue (replace the drive if needed), so I plugged it back in and it magically worked again (for a while).

    Fast forward another unknown amount of time, and the Tivo was no longer booting again. It would just show "Welcome! Starting Up...", and nothing else. The power light on the front is green. After about 25 seconds or so, the TV screen flashes to black for a second, the green Power light on the Tivo shuts off for a second, then the "Starting Up" screen appears again, as the green power light on the Tivo is back on. This continues to cycle this way forever.

    Thinking the issue was the HD, I ordered a new HD, based upon some suggestions found in this and/or other forums. It is a Western Digital 1TB drive, model# WD10EFRX, which should be compatible. However, after installing the drive, the exact same issue is still happening.

    From there, I guessed that maybe it is a power supply issue, even though I couldn't see any visible issues with the current PS board. So I ordered a new PS for the Roamio Plus from Weaknees and installed that. No change. It continues to do the same thing.

    There are no flashing lights on the front of the Tivo as it tries to start. Just the power indicator that is solid green, then flashes off and back on after 20 seconds or so. At the same time that power light turns off and on, there is an LED toward the front of the motherboard that also turns off and back on. Also, the LEDs on the rear networking port flash a couple of times when those other lights flash off and on.

    I've been reading through posts here and other places, and don't know what else to do. Not that I expected it to help, I even changed the CMOS battery (it didn't help). I don't see any visible issues with the motherboard itself. Do you think it's just trash and not fixable?

    Any ideas?