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Series 2 hard drive replacement specifications?

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  • Series 2 hard drive replacement specifications?

    My beloved Tivo Series 2 found at Goodwill for $10 has a hard drive that finally started clicking but i have another similar drive.

    Model: TCD240080

    Original drive:
    WD Performer
    Home Entertainment Hard Drive
    S/N - WMACC112449
    MDL - WD800AW-00DDK1

    Spare drive:
    Enhanced IDE Hard Drive
    S/N - WMA8E5142785
    MDL - WD800BB-75CAA0

    I have no idea what the TIVO requirements are. I tried swapping and still got the Powering Up grey screen. No attempt to image or format new drive. The problem being to find a computer that could handle an old PATA hard drive. I do have an IDE to USB adapter but the problem is powering the drive. I do have an old computer with PATA drive connections and molex power connectors but I'm having trouble getting an old OS to run it. Will an IDE to USB adapter be useful to test both drives and perhaps re-format and image the new drive from a newer Linux or Windows laptop?

    P,S. Having researched the Powering Up screen issue I decided to check the power supply and saw all this white goop. Scared. Then realized it was standard equipment. BTW tested power supply with meter. It's putting out 5V and 11.71V. Is that good enough?

    P.P.S. The Tivo Series 2 was noisy. I opted to have home automation turn it on 15 minutes before recording and turn it off 15 minutes after recording complete. I assume hard drive didn't like this. Any suggestions other than buying a hard drive replacement kit? Or never turning it off?

    P.P.P.S. BTW worked fine with this regime since 2015. What happens when the CMOS battery dies?
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