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TIVO Roamio OTA remote question

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  • TIVO Roamio OTA remote question

    First of all, thank you for offering prepared hard drives for Tivo. My original drive died last Sept and the replacement drive saved my lifetime subscription Tivo. My original remote also died with time. It was IR and RF without Vox at the time. I acquired a new remote that is similar to the Vox remote, but branded for Eastlink Tivo. It's IR and RF too and works for my Tivo OTA . As expected the Vox doens't work since my original Tivo OTA didn't have this. The green button on my Eastlink remote is for "On demand" instead of "skip" of the Vox remotes. When I press On Demand it shows an error message on my Tivo. Is it possible to modify the Tivo settings so that when the green button is pressed it skips 30 seconds instead of accessing the Eastlink On Demand menu.

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    Sorry, but we really don't know. We have the correct remote you need here:

    But for your cable-branded remote, you'd have to ask the company you purchased it from.
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