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  • External storage question

    My TIVO 4 stopped working so I replaced the hard drive with one I got from weaKnees. TIVO works now, I had an WD external storage device on it with tons of taped programming. It says that it is unrecognized. If I add it, it seems that will erase all content. Any way to add it back without losing content?

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    Unfortunately, no, there is no way to add the external and keep the content. The two drives in a TiVo are a married pair and when you separate them, all content recorded after the external was added is lost.


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      IMHO, TiVo should add the ability to mount/unmount an external drive.

      I have a drive with a un-bootable OS and I'm installing a newly purchased Weaknees drive. Mounting an external drive should be smart enough to _attempt_ to scan the external drive for previously recorded shows that happen to be coherent.

      Do you think it will ever happen?


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        Nope. Shows aren't specifically on one drive or another - most are written across both. So there's very little chance that you have a show that is fully on that external drive anyway.
        Been here a long time . . .


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          Years ago I had one of the Tivo branded external drives attached to a premier that went bad after just over a year of use. Even though the external drive was only half of my total storage, I lost 95% of my shows. Tivo fragments the shows across the two drives. I was not happy!!

          Using an external drive only doubles your odds of losing everything if either drive fails....