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Tivo Streamong Channels on OTA and Other Silliness/Issues

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  • Tivo Streamong Channels on OTA and Other Silliness/Issues

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    Sorry to say, it looks like the body of your message was lost during a system upgrade. Can you repost it?
    Been here a long time . . .


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      Repost of original post.:

      Hello, I recently purchased (Feb 21) a factory refurb Roamio OTA, 1GB 4 Tuner, with lifetime subscription from Weaknees and over the past month and a half have been seeing some 'issues' starting to arise. Some are just an occasional oddity, such as when pressing the live TV button , while watching an active channel, having the unit occasionally change the channel on me to something else, instead of staying on the channel I was on.

      A recent change has happened in the last 2 weeks or so, I now have Tivo streaming channels" populating the guide with my standard OTA lineup. I figured they are merely offering Tivo content, no biggie. I would have liked the option of skipping out that channel from my guide so I don't see it, like I get on the OTA's.

      With that, now on to my big problem. So, more times then not when I go to My Shows, select a program to play that I previously recorded, Tivo redirects me to a Tivo streaming channel instead of playing my recording! The only way to get back to playing the recorded show is to hit the skip forward or fast forward buttons on the remote, then my recording starts playing back. this started happening after I started seeing Tivo streaming channels show up in the guide. Is this Tivo shoving there featured channels down my throat or is this a hardware/firmware issue with my unit?

      I only use this for OTA, no streaming channels have been added.

      I can post back the system info if required.

      Thanks, Hunter