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Program your Series3 Glo Remote

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  • Program your Series3 Glo Remote

    If you either can't find the codes necessary to program your Glo remote or need to add commands to power on and off other equipment at the same time, follow these simple steps...

    You'll need the TiVo GLo remote and the remote from your other device which will be used to "teach" the Glo.

    1 Press and hold both the TIVO and SELECT buttons on the Glo remote until its light turns on solid.

    2 Press and release the TiVo Glo remote control button you wish to program. The activity light will flash and then stay lit. You can program TV POWER, VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN, MUTE or INPUT. (Keep in mind that any of these buttons can "learn" any function, but if you make your TV POWER learn how to mute your television, things might get confusing. Also, know that the TV Power can learn to power on up to three pieces of equipment silmultaneously, but the other buttons will only control single devices.)

    3 Point your remotes at each other, nose to nose, and keep them close.

    4 Press and hold the button on your "teaching" remote that you wish the Glo remote to learn. When the code has been learned, the TiVo remote will flash a few times. (If it times out or doesn't work, the TiVo remote will flash 10 times rapidly. In this case, you'll need to start back at step 1.)

    5 Go back and repeat steps 2 - 4 until you've programmed all of the functions you want to teach the Glo remote.

    6 If you're done programming, press the TiVo button to end the session and accept your new commands.


    If you do, simply repeat the steps above, but on step 2 you'll need to press "1" then the TV POWER button. Then continue as normal. This will add POWER ON/OFF for a second device. To add a third device, do the same thing, this time pressing "2" before TV POWER...

    ...AND THAT'S IT!

    Just so you know, I had to experiment with this a bit before getting it all to work. I programmed my Glo remote to control iTunes on my MacBook. Keep in mind that when three devices are set to power on and off with this remote, things can get tricky. If one device misses the signal and doesn't turn on, then pressing the TV POWER button again will turn the first two off again while possibly turning the third one on.

    Anyway, hope this all helps. Have fun!


    1 Cover the end of the remote and press the TIVO and TV POWER buttons until the activity lights glows solid.

    2 Press THUMBS DOWN three times and then press ENTER.

    Done! Your remote has forgotten everything you've ever taught it.
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    That's all there is to it!

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    Program standard remote

    My remote will turn off my TV and Onkyo AV, but it only turns on the TV. Three of the codes for the Onkyo work the volume, but none will turn the unit on. Is there a learn mode for the standard remote to overcome this?


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      There do seem to be some components that have strange "ON" commands, including Onkyos and Sonys. In general, non-original remotes can't cover those commands.
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        Can TivoGlo be programmed for the new THR22?

        I am one of the lucky people who live in one of the promotional zones (Phila) that allow the new DirecTivo (THR22). I love the unit so far, but one of the things I'm a little disappointed with is that I can't seem to program my previous remote, a Tivo Glo, to work with this new unit. Do you have any information about the THR22 and whether a Tivo Glo can be reprogrammed to work with it? Thx.


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          Right - the other remotes aren't compatible. Only the DirecTV white remotes (RC series) and the included peanut are compatible.
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