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Tivo/DirecTV partnership- where is it?

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  • Tivo/DirecTV partnership- where is it?

    I have a couple of series 2 DirecTV Tivo's that my family love, and we keep them up with hard drive upgrades from WeaKnees(thank, guys).
    I searched the forums, both DirecTv and Tivo websites looking for updates on the partnership between the two and the last thing I was aware of was the new Tivo HD unit for Direct TV coming out, now, hopefully by end of 2010.
    I understand this means that Directv has probably extended their contract with Tivo for existing customers. Formerly the contract was supposed to supply Tivo service to Direct TV customers through the end of 2010.

    Is anyone aware if this service has been extended for DirecTv customers? I understand that by making a new unit Tivo hopes to get a piece of the pie and DirecTv will get to replace that dog of a unit they had before, but this addresses those customers with HD. I am not an HD customer and have no desire to become one soon.
    I just don't want to discover that by the end of this year my units will be useless.

    Has anyone heard for certain teh contract has been extended?


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    I'm assuming you've seen the news by now, but earlier this year, the TiVo for DIRECTV THR22 came out:
    Been here a long time . . .