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DirecTV TiVo iphone app problem

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  • DirecTV TiVo iphone app problem

    I have two problems that ONLY occur when I program a recording from the iPhone DirecTV app to my HR22.

    1. Any program I schedule repeats recording even though it is a duplicate of a one-time show and I have not requested multiple recordings;
    2. And this is the most annoying: I have endless messages of a failed attempt to record programs that it says are requested online and the messages are in the form of:

    "Your online request for “Channel 10/25 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm” has been received. However, this program COULD NOT be scheduled to record because it does NOT YET appear in your program guide. Your DIRECTV-TiVo will keep looking for the program and will schedule it if possible. For now, this program appears at the bottom of the To Do List."

    Please note the form of the channel - as if it were a date rather than a number. So of course it can't find it. But these messages just accumulate; and at the bottom of the To Do List is simply an icon and the words "None Scheduled," so there is no way to stop it from continuing to search and tell me that it can't find the program.

    Does anyone know anything about this? DirecTV was here today and said it's a TiVo problem.