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Problem with HD Directv TiVo...

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  • Problem with HD Directv TiVo...

    I have an upgraded HD Directivo from Weaknees. It has developed a quirk thatís very annoying. If I switch the input on my tv to, say, play my PS4, when I come back to the TiVo input, there is no 30 minute buildup and if a show was set to record it hasnít recorded. Recording history says it wasnít recorded because there was no signal. This just started happening a couple months ago. I havenít changed any of the connections to the tv at all. The TiVo connects directly to the tv. The ps4 connects through my yamaha receiver. Can anyone think of a reason this is happening and how to correct it? Iím really tired of missing shows because someone in my family wants to watch a bluray or play a video game.

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    So a scheduled recording won't work if the TV is on and set to the PS4 input?

    What about if the TV is totally off?
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      I haven’t tried that. So you want me to set tv to ps4 input and turn on ps4 and then turn off tv and see if it records?


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        I meant those as two separate situations.

        What happens in each situation?
        Been here a long time . . .


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          I’m so dumb. Apparently one of the tuners went wonky. I didn’t realize it because it was still showing picture and the other tuner was recording some of the shows. I was drawing the wrong conclusion about two unrelated events. When I realized this, I tried restarting the TiVo and it works fine now. Thanks so much.