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Unable to Copy from Latest Motorola DVR

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  • Unable to Copy from Latest Motorola DVR

    Hi. My questions are related to the conversation between WK-Michael and stara 3293 beginning 3-13-2007. I am trying to record from the Motorola 6416/3416 DVR to a Sony LLV-D30P DVD/VCR Combo. Of course, I am just using only the VCR component because the DVD is play-only. The VCR does not have S-video connector, so I used three RCA splitters and connected the red, white and yellow cables to the audio-in and video-in receptacles on the VCR. I could not record any audio or video from the DVR. In addition, I could not see or hear any video or audio signals from the DVR on the TV with this configuration. (I can view the DVR signals on the TV when I look at the Video -1 line in connection, (as opposed to the video-2 which has the output from the split connectors)).

    As background, I should mention that my cable and Internet provider apparently does not support any recording from the Motorola DVR, although they supply a USER’s GUIDE that gives directions on how to “Copy recordings to a VCR Tape.” However, staff from the service provider has told me “this does not work yet.” (On this DVR box, there also are other connectors for eSATA, USB 2.0 and so on that are not yet supported because the “software is not available.”)

    I also have tried to connect from the video and audio out ports on the back of the TV as suggested by Asker, but this did not show any video or audio either.

    As mentioned by stara, I have no desire to copy movies, I just am interested in clips I can edit to make instructional guides for myself for subjects such as home repairs. I intend eventually to upgrade all of my equipment. For example, I probably will purchase one of the TIVO DVRs . But I want first to get a better feel from my existing equipment. For instance, I am wondering if the cable provider somehow modifies the signal so that I could not make recordings even with other equipment(?)

    I hope what I have written here makes some sense. If the reader has questions, I probably can provide better explanation. My communication skills have been damaged by a brain tumor.

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    nobody reply here for solution this problem :-(
    i also got the same problem me plz to get rid from this.....