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Definitive solution for stuttering/pixelation?

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  • Definitive solution for stuttering/pixelation?

    I just bought a 1 tb expander kit for the SA 8300hd from you guys and like some people in this forum I experience pixelation and stuttering when viewing recorded programs.

    I haven't found a definitive solution for this in these forums. Is there one?

    This seems to be a fairly common and old issue. What's the deal?

    I have Cox cable and I live in Fairfax, Virginia. My DVR runs Sara version

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    By the way, I got a new esata cord and have both the DVR box and the drive connected to a UPS unit.


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      Have you rebooted both units? Are you on a UPS?
      Been here a long time . . .


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        Yes, I rebooted both units; yes, I have both units connected to a UPS; and yes, it keeps stuttering and pixelating.


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          It's most likely either you cable box or the software version that it's running. SARA is generally compatible, but in rare cases, it seems that there are some s/w versions that seem to have some problems. Have you talked to the cable company?


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            My TiVo Pixelates just like other users. New 1TB WK hdd less than one year old

            Hi: My Humax TiVo does the same thing about once per playback. Image freezes for one second (sound continues) then starts pixelating and re-freshing the image then playback continues.

            Running Humax Serie 2 TiVo on an APC Smart-UPS with basic Comcast cable TV, no cable boxes. TiVo connected to TV#1 via S-Video and TV#2 via RF coax. Only view one at a time.

            Don't know about TiVo software. I am connected to TiVo via Comvast high-speed Internet. Assume you upgraded it when you replaced the harddrive.

            Yes, I read all the previous quick answers. IS THERE A DEFRAG OPTION AND/OR CAN WE ERASE ALL THE SAVED PROGRAMS AND START OVER? ANY OTHER REASONABLY PRICED IDEAS OTHER THAN DUMP THE UNIT? I know that my days are numbered and I will have to get a digital unit. Thanks, George


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              There's no defrag option for TiVos.

              You should try a kickstart 54 to diagnose your drive:

              Been here a long time . . .